Friday, 5 February 2016

Workouts 03/02 and 05/02

3rd February Light Weight/High Rep Pecs and Biceps Workout 87.1kgs

Barbell Bench Press 70kg 10,8,6
EZ Bar Bicep Curl 27.5kg 10,8,7
Incline Barbell Bench Press 60kg 8,6,5
Dumbbell Incline Hammer Curls 16kg each 8,6,5
Cable Cross Overs 15kg each 10,7,5

Decided to mix things up today and do a full body workout, felt great and really got the heart pumping.

5th February Light Weight/High Rep Full Body Workout 87.7kg

Barbell Squat 60kg 8,8,8
Dubbell Press 20kg each 8,7,7
Wide Grip Pullups 7,6,5
Cable Tricep Pushdown 42kg 8,6,6
EZ Bar Curls 27.5kg 10,8,7
Dumbbell Pec Fly 16kg each 5, 14kg 6,6

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