Thursday, 27 August 2015

Keto Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Pancake Batter Recipe

Whip the egg yolk and white together until they are properly combined
Add the Almond Milk
Slowly mix in the WPC to stop it from clumping

Pour into hot pan
Be very careful with them once they start cooking, they are very prone to tearing (this obviously doesn't affect the taste only the aesthetics of the dish)
Cook all the way through on one side as flipping the pancake will most likely tear it

For every 1 egg
60ml Almond Milk
35g (or 1 scoop equivalent) Whey Protein Concentrate

1 egg worth of ingredients will net you 3 fairly thin pancakes

Ganache Recipe

Break Dark Chocolate apart so it heats evenly in the microwave and is easier to mix into the cream

Heat in microwave for 15 second intervals until ingredients can be combined together until smooth
Be careful not to burn the ingredients in the microwave, burnt chocolate doesn't taste very nice

1 Part Dark Chocolate
2 Parts Double Cream

For every 3 pancakes you make I would recommend 20g Dark Chocolate and 40g Double Cream

Here's my effort, please note there is only 3 pancakes but I used 50g of chocolate and 100g of cream to make my Ganache so I had a bit of a sauce overload... not that I was upset about it.

Not my best photographic effort
Added more sauce
Nearly finished

If you follow my directions and make 3 pancakes with 20g of chocolate and 40g of cream for the Ganache your macros will look like this

517 Calories
Fat 37g (64%)
Protein 38g (30%)
Carbs 8g (6%)

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