Tuesday, 18 August 2015

17th August Heavy Weight/Low Rep Pecs and Biceps Workout

17th August Heavy Weight/Low Rep Pecs and Biceps Workout 86.1kg

Barbell Bench Press 90kg 5,4,3
Barbell Curls 45kg each 4,3,3
Barbell Incline Bench Press 70kg 6,4,4
Incline Hammer Curls 20kg each 5,4,4

Think I might've slightly strained my left rotator cuff yesterday doing DB shoulder press, getting some pain in my bicep (only when I'm exercising, not ongoing during the day) that I'm pretty sure is rotator cuff related (i.e referred pain). Gonna keep on training as normal and just make sure I warm up/stretch the crap out of it before and after exercise.

Frustrating thing is I religiously warm up my rotator cuff (by doing Dumbbell External Rotation With Arm Abducted 90°) before any shoulder exercise but forgot yesterday for some reason.

Will obviously cut down my weight training if I don't start seeing some improvement.

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