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My Background

Age: 30 (20/08/1984)
Height: 181cm
Weight: 81kg
Bodyfat: ~13%
Body type: Mesomorphic I guess but I have a very narrow waist considering the width of my shoulders and my legs used to be extraordinarily skinny. I've since been able to put a bit of bulk on my thighs but my calves are basically non-existent. So I guess Mesomorphic upper body and Ectomorphic legs.
Qualifications: I've enrolled in Tafe SA's Certificate III in Fitness but don't start until January. I would plan to complete a Certificate IV one I've finished the III
Sports: None
Have tried pretty much everything under the sun but at the moment I'm taking

  • The One (original formula) pre workout
  • AAKG, Beta Alanine from Bulk Nutrients pre and intra workout
  • Creatine from Bulk Nutrients (14g per day)
  • WPC and WPI from
  • Also consume a daily Bullet Proof Coffee that consists of 10g grass fed butter, 10g organic coconut oil and 10g cacao butter with a long black espresso. Not a true BP coffee but I love it nonetheless
Diet: Currently following a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and Intermittent Fasting (IF) diet including daily Bullet Proof Coffee consumption (post workout, it's the best), I usually limit carbs to less than 50 grams a day but don't count calories any more and don't hesitate to have a cheat day.

From May to September of this year I was able to lose 9 kilos with relative ease using the aforementioned strategies combined with regular (once or twice a week) 24 hour fasts with morning cardio sessions (both steady state and HIIT). If that doesn't make any sense I'll break it down for you.
  • Dinner on Tuesday at 8pm
  • Cardio session in the morning
  • Bullet Proof Coffee at 3pm (or a minimum of 2 hours prior to dinner). The great thing about a BP coffee when you're fat adapted is it allows your body to continue burning fat and prevents your body going catabolic. It keeps you in the fasted state (by not raising insulin) but prevents muscle loss
  • Dinner at 8pm on Wednesday breaking a 24 hour fast
Not currently performing the 24 hour fasts as I'm looking to focus on strength gains. Won't hesitate to use them again if I want to drop my body fat though.

Have had great success in the past with a, If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) style IF diet with a 16/8 fast/feed. 2000 cals on rest days (high fat) 2300 on training days (high carb). About 500 cals deficient per day. Was able to lose 10kgs from January to June of 2013 and then a further 3kgs from June to July with a strict calorie controlled (2000 cals per day) ketogenic diet for a total weight loss of 13kgs (see pics below) Unfortunately I found the constant calorie counting too arduous and burnt myself out.

Past: GF of 4.5 years broke up with me in October 2008 and I decided the first order of business was to get my physique back. To that point I'd intermittently played sport and done a few weights here and there but hadn't laced up my adidas trainers in anger for at least 3 years (only exercise was a small amount of water skiing) and was eating terribly. I would have been about 77kgs at that point but probably around the 25% body fat mark.

In the first 4 years I had some solid strength gains but it wasn't until a little over 18 months ago (start of 2013) that I realised the key to a true body transformation rests with diet.

Short term goal: Strength gains without putting on too much size (don't want to "bulk") but some amount of hypertrophy is expected
Long term goal: Keep doing whatever keeps me looking and feeling good in the easiest possible way. Then use my qualification to educate people on making good lifestyle decisions for the betterment of their long-term health.

Strategy: Diet strategies already listed

Training: 6 day split 6 days a week. This is effectively a 3 day split done in 2 different ways alternating either High Weight/Low Rep then Low Weight/High Rep which looks like this

Heavy Weight/Low Rep
Back and Triceps

Light Weight/High Rep
Legs and Delts

Heavy Weight/Low Rep
Chest and Biceps

Light Weight/High Rep
Back and Triceps

Heavy Weight/Low Rep
Legs and Delts

Light Weight/High Rep
Chest and Biceps

As you can see, muscles that share minimal synergists are combined to allow maximum output on each muscle group. Structuring my workouts this way has proved very successful, allowing me to workout more often with more time for my body to recover from the intense ultra low volume sessions

Current PB's:
Bench: 100 x 2
Squat: 110 x 8
Deadlift: 140 x 5
Press: 60 x 3
Wide Grip Pull Ups Weighted 25kg x 6
Narrow Grip Tricep Dips Weighted 25kg x 8

Currently at my PBs on all fronts except Squat (110kg x 5) and Bench (95kg x 4) but will be expecting to push through those in the next month or so.

Look good and feel better. Set myself up for a long healthy existence.

All taken while living in Spain in 2007

Leangains Cut (prior to Keto Cut) June 2013 @ 80kgs

After Keto Cut - July 2013 @ 77kgs

Current Photos @ 81kgs

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