Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nutrition 29/08 - 04/09

So a bit off the rails this week, I went to the Jamaican Notting Hill Carnival on Monday and then started coming down with a cold on Friday.

At the carnival I had intended to only have a couple of beers and some fried chicken but 2 beers turned into 10 and things got a bit off the rails. Friday and Saturday I made the conscious decision to eat a bit more as I could feel myself coming down with a cold and wanted to give my body some fuel to fight it. Fortunately I had some vitamin c+zinc and echinacea at hand and ended up coming out of it unscathed.

Despite all the set backs I was still able to come in at only 2100 cals (per day average) for the week.

Training wise really happy with the 6 sessions only downside being I wasn't able to complete a 24 hour fast on Friday as (as stated previously) I could feel myself coming down with something.

Weight wise I lost another kilo in the course of the week so I'm happy with that too.

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